Editorial tool with extensive possibilities

sendONSCREEN is a browser-based application which - via a hashtag - enables messages from previously selected channels to be collected, edited and presented once more in a range of output formats. As input channels sendONSCREEN currently uses SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, email, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and API/form. Further channels are currently being developed. Messages can of course also be supplemented by photos and videos, which are then reproduced in real time.


Live social media activity as iFrame stream on the website
Individual event website with social media stream
Interaction with participants in conferences and conventions

Malls and shopping center
TV studios – shows, news, sports
Sports presenter, Stadiums, Arenas and Clubs

Social media wall

Visualisation with Ventuz real-time animation at Social Media Week Hamburg. #SMW is always top tweet of the week, and thanks to sendONSCREEN it was possible to manage the 20-30 tweets per minute without difficulty. Ventuz is the ideal choice for the visualisation. Individual designs, formats and resolutions are available, together with animation in 3-D space or 3-D mapping on facades.

Q&A sessions

The simplest application for sendONSCREEN: questions from your audience sent by SMS! During the presentation you can collect lots of questions and then use the editorial system to select the best ones for the moderator - on request displayed in text form on the screen. You can also offer the added service of dealing with all questions which have to be left unanswered for reasons of time online after the conference.

Second screen at the conference

What's happening in the social media network during the keynote presentations? What discussions are being initiated? With sendONSCREEN we display these on a second screen during the event itself - moderated by an editor, of course, and visualised with breathtaking designs.

Social media wall in the web browser

The visualisation of the posts you approve does not need to be elaborate and expensive. You can simply use the possibility of direct visualisation in the web browser in the full-screen mode, with automatic animation and scrolling function.

Controlled publishing of your social media campaign

When you book your sendONSCREEN project you can immediately specify the background image and logo. We provide you with an HTML code for you to adapt to your requirements. You have access to a wide range of designs and animations for presentation purposes. The display is full-responsive, in other words it is suitable for all devices, such as the smartphone and tablet, for example.

iFrame integration

The sendONSCREEN messages can of course also be integrated as an iFrame in existing websites, and can also be placed on your company's intranet.

Public screen

sendONSCREEN makes your public screen interactive, and upgrades it with the real-time display of messages from social media users. You can forget about the predefined designs of the established digital signage products, and you can be sure that no spam appears on your advertising space. You can also combine social media content with tracking systems and gamification on the wall, and evaluate the interaction with the public. Your activities become measurable as a result.

Stadium screen

sendONSCREEN is the ideal tool for turning interaction with fans into a real experience. Because with us the issue of posts doesn't stop at display on a website, with Ventuz it is also easy to display live tweets in out-of-the-ordinary formats such as stadium perimeter boards or LED screens in real time. For this purpose we offer an all-round service, including hardware and on-site personnel.

Voting with sendONSCREEN

Make use of the voting feature in sendONSCREEN for your conferences and events, or on TV. You simply define the question and answer possibilities, and we analyse the posts in accordance with the hashtag text automatically and in real time, with immediate output of the visualisation.


The TV audience joins in the dialogue on social media channels! Add interaction to your programme and display the discussion on the web on the TV screen. Your audience form part of the content. Our XML output format can be integrated in any TV real-time graphics, on request also using our complete broadcast systems.

sendONSCREEN & dpg - a great combination for sport

Our digital backdrop system dpg is ideal for combining with sendONSCREEN. This means that you can display social media posts in real time on the digital interview wall, bringing fans even closer to their sporting heroes.


Try out sendONSCREEN for free and without a credit card. Sign in with your Twitter or Github account. Give your project a hashtag (e.g. #welovehh) and you can start immediately. When the message limit is reached, the oldest clear out when new ones come in.


Messages from the channels Twitter, Facebook Pages, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Email, SMS, API/form. With media such as photos and videos.


No app needs to be installed (BYOD).


Real-time crawler via #hashtags.


Browser-based, responsive moderation website in real time. Output with moderation, without moderation or automatic with blacklists, whitelists, filters.

Public or private

Can be used for public events (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) or for non-public events (WhatsApp, Telegram, email, SMS). Can be anonymised.

Voting and Statistics

Voting charts and statistical evaluation in real time or subsequently.


Real-time word clouds with the core statements and entities by means of natural language processing. Automatic language detection.

Photo and Video

Photo and video stream from all sources.


Real-time high-end visualisation with Ventuz, with whatever resolutions and formats are required. Use in a TV environment with Deltacast Keying or other broadcast products.


Open standards for the stream as XML, RSS, XLS, JSON, TXT, website plug-in.


Full service for hardware, graphics and animations with individual Ventuz design via our ONSCREEN studio.


Output as customised website with a range of standard designs. Adaptation of background and logos possible. iFrame for integration into existing websites, CDN included.


HTTP REST API for use in your own applications.


Scalable in accordance with your requirements. Individual, project-based compilation of features via add-ons.

Please login with your Twitter or Github account.
Yes, in that case multiple projects have to be created. This is only possible in a paid plan.
Yes, the live status of the stream is shown with every update of the editorial page. Blocking or approving of messages can be done by multiple editors simultaneously.
Yes, there are standard templates which offer the possibility of changing the code and replacing background, header and footer. The page is responsive and adapts to any device. We also supply iFrames integration into existing pages/apps.
sendONSCREEN delivers the messages in RSS, JSON or XML streams. A demo scene is available for Ventuz.
We can offer you the viscomplete ualisation and integration with your event in line with your requirements, including the necessary equipment and on-site support.
There is a ticket system to which we respond quickly. If required we are happy to be available online during the critical phase of the event, or even on site. In any case, you can always rely on our availability!
This depends on the period of use, the volume and the required application. We have a free plan. More plans and extended usage on request.


sendONSCREEN® is a web app by Carl Group GmbH & Co. Further information, demos and references are available at